Free Affiliate Program Checklist

Let me guess where you're at...

You've created an amazing digital product but you're not seeing consistent sales yet.

Your online course is gathering dust but you know (if you just get the right eyeballs on it) you could increase your passive income!

You've been putting off starting an affiliate program because you don't know where to start!

Your clients are starting to ask you about affiliate marketing but you want to wrap your head around it first.

Starting an affiliate program can help you...

  • INCREASE PASSIVE INCOME - Sell more of that product you spent MONTHS creating. All those late nights and stress-eating sessions weren't for nothing! 
  • BUILD AUTHORITY IN YOUR NICHE - Get into the eyes of your ideal audience with strategic recommendations from affiliates they know, like, and trust.
  • MAKE MEANINGFUL CONNECTIONS - When you're starting your business, connections are a currency. Connect with top influencers in your niche through your affiliate program!


Use my FREE guide to start your first affiliate program to sell more of your digital product + increase authority in your niche!

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