Influencer Bundle - Evergreen

Make influencer outreach even MORE simple

Have you ever wanted to reach out to an authority in your niche but you have NO idea what to say?  

Maybe you're worried you're going to come across too "pitchy" or "icky"?  

Do you suck at following up with emails and staying on track of your outreach process?

I've been right there with you, friend!

In fact, when I first emailed a big name blogger, I'm pretty sure I almost threw up from nerves.  

I had no confidence, no experience, and no examples to learn from.  

After years of approaching influencers for branded collaborations, I've now perfected my influencer outreach strategy.  

Introducing my Influencer Outreach Bundle!

Influencer Outreach Bundle - Influencer Marketing and Outreach Strategy

Influencer & Blogger Outreach Swipe Files

In my swipe files, you'll get:

  • a copy + paste initial outreach email that stands out
  • different versions for sponsored content, affilite invitations, and JV webinar invites
  • tips on how to personalise your email to each influencer
  • scripts to navigate the seas of negotiating fees
  • copy + paste scripts to chase up in a friendly way
  • pre-written subject lines and fill-in-the-blank customisations

Outreach Tracking Spreadsheet

Along wih my swipe files, you'll also receive a tracking spreadsheet that will help you:

  • keep track of your influencer research with columns for websites, emails, social reach, and notes
  • monitor who you've reached out to, who has responded, and who needs chasing-up
  • track campaign statistics (reach, impressions, engagement) on sponsored content
Influencer Outreach Bundle - Influencer Marketing and Outreach Strategy

Start seeing results from your outreach today!