Affiliate Management Spreadsheet - Mini Sales Page ($9)

Affiliate Mangement Spreadsheet

A template to help you track your affiliate team from pitch to profit.

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"I'm going into a new summit and a huge launch...and I can't even TELL you how organized I feel!!  

You helped to get everything organized and crystal clear with my affiliates going forward. It's definitely a huge chunk on my list that I don't need to start from scratch on!!! THANK YOU!!!!"  

- Terra of Uncork Your Dork

Simplify + systemise your affiliate program

Are you worried about managing your affiliates once you've started your program?

Maybe you have no idea how you're going to track your outreach process?

Perhaps you want to find a way to save time on your program from the get go? 

I've been right there with you, friend!

When I first started managing a client's affiliate program, I was stuck in the land of Google sheets, which very quickly outgrew my needs.  

My way of tracking outreach emails and affiliate sign ups was complicated, confusing, and time-consuming! 

After all, one of my clients had over 600 affiliates in their program, I needed a system that was simple and streamined.

"What's included, Zoe?"

Thanks for asking, friend!

Affiliate Management Spreadsheet

Of course, you'll get access to my nifty AirTable template, which will help you:

  • co-ordinate potential affiliates to reach out to
  • track their responses in a way that's super streamlined AND pleasing to the eye ;) 
  • manage your affiliate team when they're all signed up
  • collect affiliate information (affiliate links, emails, etc)
  • track affiliate clicks + conversions

Influencer Outreach Swipe Files

These are usually $15 but I *know* you'll find these useful so I'm popping these on as a bonus! In my swipe files, you'll get:

  • a copy + paste initial outreach email that stands out
  • different versions for sponsored content, affilite invitations, and JV webinar invites
  • tips on how to personalise your email to each influencer
  • copy + paste scripts to chase up in a friendly way
Influencer Outreach Bundle - Influencer Marketing and Outreach Strategy

Extra Video Trainings

Along with the spreadsheet and swipe files, you'll receive the following trainings:

  • a walkthrough of how to best use the AirTable sheet
  • a look at my affiliate outreach process in Asana
  • how to automate the spreadsheet using Zapier
  • and more!

"We're seeing our best numbers ever as far as sales, which has allowed me to become an even bigger player in the industry.  

If you have a proven product or a product that's selling a decent amount, Zoe is a key player you need on your team to take things to the next level."  

- Christina of The Contract Shop